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Outlaw Trail 100 - Saturday, October 21, 2006
The Outlaw Trail 100 is a combination of bicycle tours of Williamson County.  The courses are: 10 mi, 25 mi, 40 mi, 50 mi, 63 mi (100 K), and 100 mi courses on county roads through historic eastern Williamson County.  They all start  and end at the Old Settler's Park just East of Round Rock.  The riders start at 8:00 AM and finish around 4:30 PM.

For this event we supply the Round Rock Parks and Recreation Dept (PARD) with 15 or so Ham Radio Operators.  The Hams function is to help keep the bike riders on the course, transportation of tired riders, and assist as needed.  The use of Amateur Radio helps dispatch the Sag Wagons (Pickup Trucks) where they are needed.  We also help transport supplies to the Watering Holes, (Rest Stops).

The PARD provides the Pickup Trucks, (Sag Wagons), full gassed up and ready to go.  The Hams provide their own equipment.  

To help you will need a:

  • 2 meter radio, 147.080 PL 100 Hz
  • Mag mount antenna
  • Power Cord (don't plan on the cigarette lighter socket to work).
To Volunteer, just  take a look at the Volunteer Roster and let me know what spot you want.  The text in RED just lets me know who did that position last year.  Text in BLACK means those folks have volunteered again this year.  If the Sag number is in BLACK I've locked that person into that part of the course.

Texas Mission Of Mercy - November 10-11, 2006
For the third time, a multitude of volunteers will gather their collective talents to hold a TMoM event, in Williamson County on November 10-11, 2006.  This partnership of the Texas Dental Association, the Smiles Foundation, and the caring people, volunteers, of Williamson County will attempt to provide emergent and primary dental care to over 1,200 Williamson County residents that don't have access to oral health care.

Additional background:
Last October the Highland Lakes/Burnet Co. ARES group helped with a TMoM event that provided dental care to approximately 700 people.  Like our event, theirs was for two days and will require at least two 6-hour shifts per day.  The morning shift was from 0630-1230 and the afternoon shift was from 1200-1800, allowing shift changes to overlap 30 minutes for coordination and smooth hand-off of assignments.  They provided the equivalent of 42 hams serving for six hours each (some did multiple shifts). The hams came from the Highland Lakes Amateur Radio Club and the Sun City Amateur Radio Society.

What's in the plans so far:

Dick Lenning as volunteered to be our Assistant Emergency Coordinator, AEC, to meet with the TMoM staff and coordinate our rolls in this event.  We have less than 50 days to coordinate getting approximately 60 time slots filled and since TMoM will attempt to serve 500 additional patients we may need more Hams.  Plus, they will be doing hearing screening.

To get this many Hams, Williamson County - Amateur Radio Emergency Service, WC-ARES, will use the TMoMs event to simulate a Wepons of Mass Destruction event and request additional Ham Radio Operators from the surrounding ARES groups to simulate an ARESMAT event.  

We will try to give each volunteer as much information about their assignment prior to the event but everybody has to remain flexble as assignments may change.  

Frequency Plans:
Primary Freq: 147.080 (PL=100.0) and 444.525 (PL=100.0) Linked.
Secondary VHF 146.700 (PL=110.9)
Secondary UHF 443.775, (PL 131.8)
Backup VHF 146.640 (PL=162.2)
FRS Channels as needed.

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